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AMPLIFY series

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Amplify Your

Jumpstart your New Year with clarity, focus, and action!  Use your regrets from last year to create clarity on bringing to fruition this year's dreams and action steps.  We will take a look at you and what you need personally to feel energized and excited about what is next.  Critical issues and self-sabotage can be uncovered to move you forward to your life beyond your dreams.

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Amplify Your

This 6-week course will support you in recharging your relationships with yourself and those around you. Relationships are key to our home and work life as well as our daily interactions with others. You are the key component in these relationships, thus we start with you and your values, what you are wanting to create and what action steps you can take to achieve this.

Amplify Your

Your values are your driving force. They are what guide you daily in your action steps whether you are conscious of it or not. Get clear on your own values and learn to live them intentionally with conviction. 




Taking the month of July as a time to recharge can be an excellent opportunity for teachers/educators to rejuvenate themselves

and take a break.

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Amplify Your

Summer is amazing and gives us more freedom with family, fun, and nature.  It is still a great idea to have a plan to get the most out of it. You are in charge of your time.  How do you want to spend it?  Who do you want to spend it with?  As you had into the month of August, get clear about how you want to finish your summer and shift easefully back to school.

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28-Day Total Mind


Are you ready to break free from the limitations that have been holding you back and start living the life you deserve? The 28-Day Total Mind Reset Program is your opportunity

to unlock your full potential

and create lasting change.

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Amplify Your


We spend 9 weeks diving into your life’s desires and dreams and how your daily habits and rhythms support or sabotage you.  We use the science of Ayurveda and behavior to shift what is not working, as well as the concepts of habit triggers and identity evolution to create new habits which inspire you to take daily action steps in the direction you choose.  

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