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Summer Recharge

exhausted from the school year?
with a little structure, transition into summer fun...
to recharge YOURSELF!

from july 7th to august 3rd

Taking time to recharge is essential for teachers to maintain their well-being and continue to provide effective education.  Reflect and Evaluate.  Unplug and Disconnect.  Engage in Personal Hobbies and Interests.  Travel and Explore.  Focus on Self-Care.  Learn and Grow.  Connect with Loved Ones.

Hello, I'm Carman Murray

I help growth-minded individuals create healthy habits so they can unlock their full potential in a truly fulfilling way.

My own journey to unravel my capacity for growth has led me to inspire and support educators as they discover their own. With candor and compassion, I can help you look honestly at the ways you’re undermining your goals and support you as you take specific, strategic steps to reach your goals.

Carman in Mexico1_edited.jpg

i can HELP you by:

  • Moving through old patterns and traumas which keep you stuck.

  • Evolving your daily rhythms & routines.

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone - release the burden of burnout.

  • Connecting with people who have the habits you desire.

  • Supporting you in achieving your individual and collective goals (growth mindset).

  • Normalizing smarter structures in your relationships to grow towards connection and stronger communication.

  • Incorporating fun into your day to support fulfillment and joy.

  • Feeling supported and heard; that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

here’s HOW it works:

Duration of four (4) weeks 

Weekly (virtual live calls) on Mondays @ 8:00am and Wednesdays @ 5:30pm (MST)

Includes email series to support your learning

Focus on Habits:

  • Easeful Living

  • Early To Bed

  • Earlier Lighter Dinners

  • Morning Practices

we'll discuss SOLUTIONS for:

  • Creating Balance

  • Living your purpose

  • Burnout

  • Realigning Relationships

  • Redefining Boundaries

Are you ready to take your summer to the next level so that you can recharge and experience the season to the fullest?


I can give you the extra support you need - I’ve opened up a few private coaching sessions that are designed to hone in on a specific goal and create habits as well as routines that will bring more joy to your summer!


Book a discovery session with me and let’s see how these sessions could help you.

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