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Amplify Your Values

Do your values guide your daily decisions?

Your values are your driving force. They guide you daily in your action steps, whether you are conscious of them or not. Get clear on your own values and learn to live them intentionally with conviction. 

Values overlap in all areas of our lives:


Personal - What drives you and helps you make your individual decisions which create your unique ripple effect in this world? Where do your actions not align with your values?


Family and Friends - In navigating your closest relationships, how do you stay true to yourself, support others, and model a different way?


Workplace - We are valued for our uniqueness, skills, and who we present.  How can you use personal values to empower others no matter what position you hold?


Classroom - What does it look like to implement values into your classroom to support students to show up and fill their individual roles? How can you, as the teacher, help them understand, live, and use their own values to take purposeful actions that they are proud of?


Teaching values is more important than ever in a world filled with unnecessary noise. It's not just about what students learn, but who they become. By amplifying your values, you can:

  • Foster empathy and understanding

  • Build a strong sense of community

  • Equip students with essential life skills

  • Cultivate a culture of respect and kindness

Shape the minds of tomorrow's leaders

Personal leadership starts with students understanding themselves on a deeper level. Give your students tools to support their journey of becoming the person they want to be now. 

By equipping them with the necessary tools and leveraging Drew Dudley's leadership values, you can support your student's journey, empower them to make better daily decisions and contribute to a positive school culture. Investing in personal leadership is an impactful way to support your students' success. Start today, and you'll witness the significant difference it can make in their lives.


Hello, I'm Carman Murray.

A retired teacher, Carman Murray is known for her ability to lead others along their transformational journey with both candour and care.  After teaching in a classroom for fifteen years, she has moved to mentoring women to be their best selves and follow their dreams.  She brings her wisdom as a mom, ranch wife, healer, yoga instructor, and teacher to the groups of women she works with.  She brings consistency, accountability, and inspiration to those she impacts.  Carman loves being outside and working alongside her husband on their ranch as well as hitting the slopes with her kids.

In the Amplify Your Values, you will…
  • Get clear on your core values

  • Align your decisions and day-to-day actions with your values

  • Learn to ask action-driving questions to guide you toward success

  • Make progress in achieving what you truly desire

  • Teach and model -intentionally- living your values for your students

  • Implement these life-changing values in your classroom and schools

Here’s what you get over the 6 weeks…
  • Value-packed content, delivered weekly, to help you focus and create your personalized strategy to live your values (no cookie-cutter templates!) Read and implement each lesson as it fits into your life.

  • Weekly live dynamic meetings to help you clarify your goals and actions. Benefit from the power of the group as we discuss each week’s lesson and bring change-making topics to the table.

  • Accountability and connection in our dynamic group setting. This is a safe place to land for all your questions, challenges, and wins as you work through your unique process.

  • 1:1 personalized coaching calls to hone in on your specific hurdles and how you can overcome them. We will work together to create a plan that works for you.

I can help you by...
  • Creating space by confidently navigating your days to take action steps towards your dreams

  • Walking you through teaching your students about their core values and how to help them make daily decisions based on their values

  • Shifting your daily habits to align with your values

  • Refining what’s on your plate without adding extra time


What my clients have to say...


Carman breaks big problems into sizeable and workable chunks to keep me motivated


Carman always has the presence to remind me to make the process work for me; she is adept at asking me questions that help me see my situation from other angles, which in turn provides me with new and important perspectives.


I find Carman to be extremely present when we meet and she exudes dependability. I know I can count on her being in my corner; she has my back.


Carman attends to the person in front of her with compassion and clarity.

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