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As women in this world, we view things differently. This program is designed to create a brave space to have conversations about money, goals, and dreams. Let’s talk about where you are at with your finances, where you’d like to be, as well as your beliefs, conditioning, resistance, and self-sabotage.



By talking about money, abundance, prosperity, our fears, and where we self-sabotage we can bring this “monster” out of the shadows and befriend it with the support of other women.

But wait... 

I am unsure about investing in myself. 

I’m resistant to change.

I’m afraid of speaking about my finances.

Your current habits have gotten you here. If you want something different you need to change what you are doing.
You will land in a brave and supportive environment.
You are encouraged to share what you choose with the group.

Because YOU are worth it!


Hello, I’m Carman Murray!

I help life-long learners create a healthy mindset so they can unlock their full potential in a truly fulfilling way.
My own journey to unravel my capacity for growth has led me to inspire and support other women as they discover their own paths. With candor and compassion, I can help you look honestly at the ways you’re undermining your goals and support you as you take specific, strategic steps to reach your goals.

You’ve read this far, so I know you deeply desire to shift your money reality.

Don’t wait until you’re looking backward at all the things you wish you’d achieved. You have the ability to take the next step, and the next, and the next. Open yourself to future possibilities. 

We start June 9th. Click to register.

Don’t delay – step into your potential today!

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