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Can you picture yourself having an evening with no schoolwork needing your attention?


Imagine having the energy to go out with your family and friends for an evening, with nothing on your mind except having some fun.  


The next day, you come into the classroom relaxed and invigorated.

I get it, I’ve been there too,  teaching can be taxing to all areas of your health:

  • Your plate is overflowing with work and home responsibilities.

  • Your anxiety and overwhelm often take over.

  • There are days teaching is just too much!

There is a life balance that is specific to you that includes you radiant and confident as a teacher day in and day out.  You can have a fulfilling life outside of teaching, doing what you love, and spending time with others.

Every educator requires a unique balance of professional and personal development.  This program teaches you how to achieve that healthy balance, enabling you to show up in both areas of your life with energy and confidence.  Encourage your teachers to achieve more in the classroom through this program of healthy habits.

Carman Murray
How Carman Murray can help, in her own words...

"I get it, I've lived it, I've survived it.  I’ve spent the last 15 years learning to shift my own life priorities into alignment with the gifts I have to offer others. No longer in a classroom setting, I’ve leaned into mentoring and supporting others on their own healing journey. 

Every success and every failure I learned both professionally and personally has moved me forward and provided me with the growth I needed at that time. 

I truly am able to value what I do as a life architect, a mom, a wife, and a woman.

I help teachers and educators fuel their mind, body, and spirit  so they can live life unapologetically,  both in and out of the classroom."

Use this year's PD funding for all or a portion of this investment to re-invigorate the staff.

Arrange a one-on-one conversation with Carman

to see if this is a fit for yourself

or your teachers.

I am very much interested and

would like to uplift my professional

and personal life. 

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