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Do headaches and migraines cripple you?

I wrote a book that will help!

This 30-page guide will give you the tools to take charge
and overcome your obstacles.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • how I unmasked the triggers that led to my most severe migraines;

  • the strategies that helped me manage and avoid flare-ups; and

  • tips to get a handle on your own headaches and migraines, so you can stop hiding from the pain and start living the full life you desire.

Treat yourself to a PACKAGE!
  1.  access to the flipbook (downloadable & printable within a year​)
  2.  four (4) helpful meditations
  3.  the eBook in PDF format
LBHM eBook Mockup2.png


        Carman is the founder of Spherical Healing and the Spherical Healing-taking yoga off the mat community. As a conscious woman, she has spent years working her way through this modern world rising above the stress and overwhelm of the day to day grind to be successful. Carman is dedicated to bringing people together through community, shared experiences - rooted in daily habits and using their voices to show up fully in the lives they have created.

        Carman combines her knowledge of healing, Ayurveda, design thinking and behaviour science as a life architect to support others in creating clarity, building confidence and adding value in all areas of their life. By teaching and supporting her clients around daily habits, she invites her people to find more ease and rhythm in their days to be able to step out of the rat race and into who they have always dreamed of creating.

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